Wegmann Law Firm Takes Care Of Clients In Missouri


The lawyers at Wegmann Law Firm in Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri are there to help you if you have any issues that need an attorney’s expertise. They can take care of so many different issues, whether you have been in some sort of accident or have sustained some sort of injury due to the fault of another person, they can assist you. They are also able to help with any issues that might involve real estate, family issues, probate, insurance, estate, business issues or even criminal or civil law needs. They can even represent a client with a DWI Lawyer in Jefferson County, MO.

Started in 1947, Wegmann Law Firm has represented numerous clients in all sectors of business, government, education and the private sector. They can represent individuals in various cases such as divorce, child support, wills and probates and can even provide DWI Lawyers in Jefferson County, MO, for those that have that on their record. Their lawyers have such a wide range of expertise in so many areas that they can provide legal services for so many legal needs.

The lawyers at Wegmann Law Firm show that they put their client first. They have proven their skill by winning numerous appeals in both the Missouri Appellate Courts as well as the Missouri Supreme Court numerous. If you are in need of good legal support and are located in the Jefferson County, Ste. Genevieve County area of Missouri, or any of the surrounding areas, take a look at their website at http://wegmannlawfirm.com/.