Reasons to Choose Stronger Tile

Tools & Equipment

For anyone who has been to a home improvement store in the past decade or so, they would have undoubtedly seen the vast array of tile options offered. From peel and stick laminate options to real stone tile and even composite materials, there are all sorts of tile varieties from which to choose. However, if one is putting tile down in their home or business, only the best tile should be used.

Natural stone tile options are the best, and there are many reasons for this. Here is why real stone tile should be chosen over those laminate and composite options.

Easier to Install

Believe it or not, natural stone tile is a lot easier to install. While one’s initial thinking may be that these tiles are difficult to cut and shape, something like a Rubi TZ Tile Cutter makes quick work of the task, and that means tiles can be cut intricately to fit around anything. With cheap tile, you cannot get that precision and end up with gaps. Just remember to use the Rubi TZ Tile Cutter for the cleanest job.

Looks a lot Better

Natural tile also just looks a lot better, especially those angles and the fit achievable with a Rubi TZ Tile Cutter. While those other options typically look great in magazines and in their commercial spots, it’s an entirely different story once the tile is laid down on the ground and can actually be seen. Only natural tile is able to provide that classic tile look.

Lasts Much Longer

Those sticky and composite tiles, even if they do look okay at first, will end up with tread marks all over them from traffic. People, pets, furniture moving; it’s all too taxing on the floor surface and the tiles will inevitably show the wear. This is not a problem that one will experience with natural stone tile options.