Ways a Drug Case Attorney in San Diego CA Can Help You


Bankruptcy-lawyer-cornelius-ncWhen you’ve been arrested on a drug charge, you could be facing serious sentences and problems for your future. Besides jail time, you may have to serve community service, pay fines, go through probation, or have to take a drug treatment course. Through the course of your hearings and sentences, you may lose your job or home because you can’t work or pay rent. Once you are released, you may find that you have a lot of trouble finding a job or a new place to live. Many jobs will not hire people who have a record, especially a drug record, and landlords are often wary about renting to someone with a record.

To clear your name or have your charge dropped to a lessor charge, you’re going to need to hire an attorney. Without a drug case attorney in San Diego CA, chances are you will be convicted of the crime you were charged with and you may have to serve the maximum sentences. When you hire an attorney, however, there are a few ways they may be able to help:

1. Have Your Charges Dropped – In some cases, they may be able to get your charges dropped altogether. This means you are free to go and will have nothing on your record.

2. Have Your Charges Lowered – When possible, your attorney may try to have your charges lowered to a less severe charge to avoid a felony charge on your record. This can help with finding a job or a place to live, though you still may have some trouble.

3. Get You Into a Drug Treatment Program – If neither of the above methods will help your case, you attorney may be able to convince the judge to allow you to complete a drug treatment program instead of going to jail. In some cases, you may be able to have your conviction withheld if you successfully complete the treatment program, meaning you will not have any convictions on your record.

By hiring a drug case attorney in San Diego CA, you may have a chance to get an outcome for your case that will not make it more difficult for you to find a job or a place to live after your case is finished. If you would like more information on how a drug case attorney can help you, you can Click Here.