Shoplifting and the Criminal Attorney in Rockwall TX


Shoplifting is a minor crime, but it can have lifelong consequences. If the charge for shoplifting is considered a misdemeanor, that will lead to the defendant having a permanent criminal record. A criminal record is going to make it much harder for many to get housing or employment. Employers and landlords are allowed to reject applicants due to having a criminal record. Even if the criminal offense took place decades ago, it can still be difficult to get a job or an apartment. Although criminal records can be expunged, they will not completely go away. Law enforcement and government employers can always see past criminal offenses even if they’re expunged. That is why those who are charged with shoplifting need to hire a Criminal attorney in Rockwall TX area even though it seems like a minor offense.

With a criminal charge, the prosecution has to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. In many instances, the case against a defendant may be weak due to lack of evidence or some other reason. Many prosecutor’s claim that they have a strong case until the defendant’s criminal defense lawyer looks at it. That is why it may be possible for a Criminal attorney in Rockwall TX to get criminal charges reduced or even dropped. Each individual defendant will have a different result depending on the evidence that the state has.

Many prosecutors know that shoplifting is a minor crime where the defendants often can become productive citizens. In many instances, it is possible for the criminal attorney to convince the prosecutor that the defendant should be rehabilitated via a diversion program. Under a diversion program, the defendant’s criminal charges are dropped upon completion. This is a much better result than being convicted of a misdemeanor.

Finally, defendants may be offered a plea deal that involves pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge and facing no jail time. Even though the only punishment is probation, that will count as a misdemeanor conviction. It’s better to have a criminal lawyer attempt to negotiate the plea deal so that it does not result in a misdemeanor conviction. If necessary, the defendant may need to win a jury trial in order to avoid the misdemeanor conviction. For more information, visit Law Office of Tim Hartley.