Visit a Doctor If You’re Sick in Los Angeles


Los Angeles doesn’t really need to advertise as a great vacation destination. Who wouldn’t look forward to the energizing sunshine, wide sandy beaches, great food, and exciting nightlife? The scenery is spectacular, and the people are friendly. What’s not to like?
Getting sick while on vacation or a business trip is annoying at best, and frightening at worst. A case of the flu or a broken leg can ruin sightseeing or scuba lessons. Some preparation can help. Here’s a list of a few things to always bring from home.

1. Of course, always bring prescription medications. Keep them in the pharmacy bottles for easy inspection at the airport. Never put them in with your checked luggage. Replacing the medications would be an enormous hassle if the bag disappeared, so be sure to put them in your carry-on bag.

2. Liquids or gels absolutely need to be in a clear, plastic bag. This is a good idea for all medications.

3. Check the refill dates on medications. If there is not more than enough in the bottle for the entire trip, refill it before you leave home.

4. Bringing OTC medications can be a bit challenging if you’re traveling out of the country. Generally, OTC medications can be put into checked bags. However, if replacing it would be a hassle, put it in your carry-on. This is especially true for antihistamines and similar OTC products.

5. Think about how you’d treat small problems, such as a cold, sunburn, or minor cut, at home. Purchase small, travel-size containers of the appropriate treatments.

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