Mini X-Ray Tubes and Why They are Essential For Your X-Ray Equipment

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X-ray machines and other X-ray imaging equipment have a lot of parts that work in tandem to give you a clear and crisp X-ray image. One of the most important pieces in most X-ray imaging devices is the mini focus X-ray tubes. These tubes essentially are what convert the electrical current coming from the power source into two byproducts, heat and x-rays. Mini focus X-ray tubes are designed specifically to minimize heat production since it is more a byproduct of the conversion. Quick dissipation of the heat prevents overheating and allows for the production of more X-rays.

While there are many different types of X-ray tubes, the tubes produced by Micro X-Ray Inc. are of extremely high quality. There are two different types of mini focus X-ray tubes that they offer. The glass tubes are more ideally suited for machines with the ability to shield and isolate X-ray tubes. This model of X-ray tubes does require both high and low voltage power sources though, so it is something to keep in mind when deciding which product is best for your current setup. They also vary in materials and performance configurations, allowing for small focal, high stability, and wide beam angles. The other option, packaged tubes, are more suited for a plug and play type of setup. Thanks to the bronze packaging, it allows for radiation isolation as well as keeping the heat in check, allowing for smooth and continuous operation. The tubes are fully radiation-shielded and include a high voltage cable with filament wires.