Video Conferencing Lighting Tips


It is impossible to have a video call with good quality if you do not have good video conferencing lighting. When you learn just a few tips, it is easy to be well-lit and professional on every call.

Face the Light Source

When you sit with your back to a window or bright source of light, it has a negative impact on the video quality of your conference call by creating a harsh silhouette. If possible, face a window, lamp, or another light source to ensure your face is clearly visible and illuminated well.

Optimize Natural Light

Natural light renders accurate skin tones and colors in the camera. Set up for your conference call in a room that offers a good amount of natural light to create a professional setting.

Soft Directional Light

You should not use bare bulbs for Video Conferencing Lighting. Instead, use a diffuse or lampshade to soften the light in the room and reduce harsh shadows. Bringing the light source closer to you will reduce harshness and help boost the camera exposure on your face. A soft white lamp properly placed and balanced with natural lighting will provide you with a pleasant ambiance.

The Right Amount of Light

In order to get maximum clarity, make sure that there is plenty of video conferencing lighting in the room. It is possible, however, to have too much light. Lower blinds or move away from a bright window and dim bright lamps with a shade. Try using multiple light sources aimed at your face in order to fill shadows and even out the overall room lighting.