Vehicle Dent Removal with PDR Methods

Repair and Service

Many automotive repair companies that specialize in dent removal and repair in Gahanna, OH now use PDR to repair dents and blemishes. If your car needs dent repairs, you should first understand what the process involves so that you can choose a good repair company that can meet your needs. PDR is a simple and effective method that allows repair technicians to repair or remove dents and dings without the need for paint and filler. The technician will use a metal rod to force out the dents, and when they are finished your car will look just as nice as the day you purchased it.

Why Use PDR?

PDR is a fast, inexpensive, and convenient way to repair dents when compared to more traditional methods. It doesn’t require the use of paint, and you don’t need to re-spray your car afterwards to cover up filler. This saves you money, and the whole process generally only takes an hour and a half at the most. Most insurance companies prefer that PDR be used if at all possible, because it is the cheaper way to go and the end result is just as good as what people would get if they used other types of methods to have their dents removed.

The Limitations of PDR

PDR can be the solution to a wide range of dents, as long as the dents are not so large that the whole panel would need to be replaced. While it is good in most cases since most dents can be easily repaired, sometimes it just isn’t practical. PDR is not effective on older models of cars, as the coating of the car can crack under the pressure. Big dents are also very hard to remove by using this method, and the risk of paint cracking is further increased.

No Chemicals with PDR

The best thing about PDR is that it requires no chemicals to make the repair. During a collision, the sheets of metal surrounding the car are ruptured by the pressure force. This process is simply reversed in the same way that it happened. Metal tools are used to force the dents back out, and the whole process is extremely fast. Mechanics can easily get to those hard to reach places to make repairs using PDR.

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