An Oral Surgeon In Fall River MA Just Another Dentist?


Obviously, both the dentist and the Oral Surgeon In Fall River both deal with problems found inside or close to the mouths of their patients; however, the surgeon might not have attended dental school.

To Become A Dentist

Would be dentists must have successfully completed at least three years of undergraduate education; following which they may apply to take the admission test to enter a dental school (sometimes; there is also an interview stage). Most dental schools expect applicants to have at least a bachelor’s degree and have studied physics, English, chemistry, organic chemistry, general biology, and higher level mathematics (e.g. statistics or calculus). Some of the schools ask for additional prior study in subjects like anatomy, biochemistry, psychology, physiology or sociology, etc.

To graduate from dental school usually takes 4 years (2 years coursework and 2 years clinical training). However, prior to graduation all students have to pass the National Board Dental Examination Parts I and II (Part 1 is usually taken after 2 years in dental school and Part 2 will normally be taken during the last year). Dentists graduate either as a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Dental Medicine (DMD) the name of their degree depends upon which dental school they attended (note – The American Dental Association specifies that DDS and DMD are equivalent).

Once they have done all the above, dentists must pass a licensing examination; usually for the region where they intend to practice; but, sometimes, this can be administered by an individual state. Then, they are ready to be working dentists.

But, Maybe You Go Back To School Instead?

In the US, we have about 9 recognised dental specialities that require additional college time, training or internee-ship leading to a Masters Degree; one of these is Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. This course normally takes 4–6 years to complete.

Medical Or Dental

An oral and maxillofacial surgeon treats diseases, injuries and defects in the maxillofacial region of the human head (jaws and face); as well as the hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity (mouth). A graduating medical doctor could choose this field just as well as a graduating dentist and go on to become an Oral Surgeon In Fall River MA.

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