Valve Actuators for Industrial Applications

by | Jan 27, 2017 | Industrial Goods and Services

In many industries today, fluids must be pumped, heated and processed. This requires a number of systems which may utilize many different valves to regulate, interrupt or start the flow of liquid into specific areas. Many companies use air operated apv valve applications in the beverage processing industry. In fact, there are many benefits to these valve types. However, air operated valves are only one kind of valve, so let’s check out the main types to help you choose the best equipment for your business.

What are Actuators?

Most pumps and valves contain a number of moving parts and when they are set in motion they create vacuum on one side and pressure on the other. This is how they pump or open up. However, internal parts need some kind of power to operate and this is where actuators enter the scene.


A mechanical actuator is very simple in principle. The old fashion lever handle pumps were some of the earliest types. Once the lever was lifted up, it created suction, drawing water into the pump. When one pushed down on the lever, the mechanism expelled water. Valves can be operated in the same manner, including valves with shafts and round handles.


A pneumatic APV valve is activated by air pressure. When pressurized air hits the valve diaphragm, it produces pressure required to open the valve. Once air is no longer exerting pressure, the diaphragm returns to its original position (closed). A spring mechanism may also be included.


Hydraulic actuated valves work on the same principle as the air actuated APV valve, except they use liquid instead of air.


Electric actuated valves are opened and closed with the power of electric motors.

Which Do You Choose?

For automatic operations, electric or air is the best choice and air systems are very popular in beverage processing today.

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