Dental implants, the third solution for missing teeth


For many years there were only two options available to those people who lost one or more teeth; a bridge or dentures. Today there is a third and far better option available, dental implants. For all intents and purposes implant dentistry in New York gives you a replacement tooth, root and all. An implanted tooth is comfortable, strong and can improve the ability to chew better.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a small titanium peg or screw that is set into a pre-prepared hole that has been drilled directly into the jaw bone. After a period of time, perhaps six months, the implant and the bone have become one, there is now a stable “root” on which a replacement tooth will be fitted. The result is a tooth that looks, feels and acts exactly like the natural tooth it replaced.

Are implants effective?

Not everyone is a suitable candidate for implant dentistry in New York. The best candidate is a person that has healthy gums and enough bone to properly support the implant. Based on history, at least 90 percent of those wishing implant surgery can be accommodated.

If an implant does fail there are usually very reasons for it. Excellent oral hygiene must be maintained and unnecessary loading are the usual reasons for failure. Patients who exercise good oral hygiene and those that do not constantly grind or clench their teeth will rarely have a problem; their implant will last for life.

Implants are definitely superior to either a bridge or a denture. A bridge requires that the teeth either side of the gap be reduced in size to accept the bridge while dentures often slip, causing unnecessary embarrassment. Although implant dentistry in New York is somewhat more expensive than the other solutions to missing teeth, the results are far better.

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