Using Packing And Unpacking Moving Services In Birmingham, AL


Many people in Birmingham, AL, find it difficult to find the time to box up their household contents during a move. This can become even more challenging for busy professionals, seniors, for Moms and Dads trying to juggle careers, kids and a move or for people with very large homes with lots of items to pack.

It can also be very difficult for those with a lot of valuable items that will require special packaging for safe transportation. This can include fragile items, antiques, artwork or even electronics and home computer systems.

In these cases, using the packing and unpacking moving services offered by top moving companies will provide the solution to this problem. You can ask for a quote for the service when the moving company does the home survey or discuss it with the moving company representative on your first call.

Packing and Unpacking

This is one of the moving services you will be able to customize to your needs. You may want the packing crew to pack everything, or perhaps just collections, fragile items or specific rooms of the home.

The movers will provide a packing crew that will arrive at your home prior to your move date. Depending on the size of the job it can be just a couple of people or many more. Usually, with these types of moving services, the movers will provide all the boxes, packing materials, tape and other supplies.

They will also inventory and label the boxes, so all aspects of the packing needs will be completed by the crew. Most moving companies now photograph all the contents of the boxes and note any damage to items they pack.

If you are considering additional insurance over the valuation offered by movers, you typically are required to use the moving company’s packers. Always check with the insurance provider to ensure you are making the right choice based on your policy requirements.