Using Italian Terracotta Planters to Create a Tuscan Garden

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The gardens of Tuscany are renowned for their beauty and elegance. However, you don’t have to travel as far as Tuscany to have a Tuscan-inspired garden of your own. Italian terracotta planters not only make a great addition to your outdoor living area, but they can be used to create attractive, pleasant outdoor spaces everybody, from you and your family to your guests, will be sure to enjoy.

Give your Garden a Sense of Comfort

Among the most important things to note when using Italian terracotta planters to create a Tuscan-inspired look in your garden is the importance of comfort. The gardens of distant Tuscany are beloved by so many in large part due to their innate warmth. Using your planters around benches or to create a cozy and more intimate space on one’s patio are surefire ways to get the Tuscan feel you’re seeking.

Materials and Colors to Use

A large part of what makes Italian terracotta planters stand out is their natural appeal. Using the right materials and colors in one’s outdoor space only adds to the charm of these planters, helping to create the perfect look. For example, iron often features heavily in Tuscan-inspired gardens and can be used in many ways. It can feature as a garden fountain or be the perfect accent when used as a garden gate. Using gold tones adds to the warmth you are seeking when creating a Tuscan look. Placing your Italian terracotta planters next to subdued, gold-washed walls of stone or stucco can truly transport you directly to the gardens of Italy.

You can order beautiful Italian terracotta planters directly from Tuscan Imports or give the company a call at 866-215-4232 for more information.