SEAI Grant In Dublin: The Benefits

Solar Energy

With homeowners spending a lot of money on heating each winter, the goal of the government is to properly insulate homes. Therefore, you could spend 1/3 less on your heating bills. To do that, you should apply for the SEAI grant in Dublin. There are rules in place that tell you what upgrades are eligible for the award. Insulation is one of the most popular options, including attic, external, and cavity wall insulation. Dry-lining is also considered an upgrade that will be eligible. Of course, you can also get paid money for upgrading the heating controls, using solar thermal systems, and improving the heat pumps.

The SEAI grant in Dublin is there to cut the cost of the improvement by about one-third. For example, a new heat pump will extract heat from the air and is more efficient. You could get up to €3,500. Homeowners are likely to want to know how to apply for the grant. You’ll have to choose the upgrade you want to consider and check eligibility requirements. Then, you have to work with a contractor who is SEAI registered. This person must perform all the work. Once you’ve done that, you can apply at the SEAI website to get approved, have the job done, and then get your BER inspection. When it is all said and done, you’ll complete the forms and will receive the grant in about four weeks.

If you’d like to participate in the SEAI grant in Dublin, you aren’t alone. Many homeowners want to save money on their utility bills while having the government pay for some of the expense to upgrade. Solar Electric has a variety of solar panels available, all designed by the founder. Plus, these professionals are SEAI-registered, so they can install the system for you. Visit the website at to learn more.