Using an Ice Luge in Long Island NY: Creative Comes First in the Big Apple

Ice Cube

A special event needs a little something extra to really be special. Sure, that could come with some great camaraderie and some wonderful meals for everyone there, but sometimes it takes an addition that is unique, innovative, and exciting. An ice luge is perhaps one of the only special event additions that seems to include all three. It encourages a bit of rambunctious fun without being excessive. An ice luge is an often underutilized inclusion to a wedding, bachelor party, and anything in between. Long Island Ice and Fuel will deliver custom cut ice to an event exactly as requested. There are many ways to utilize an Ice Luge in Long Island NY, and not just in the form of a luge.

Luge Tracks

The actual block itself can be cut into a luge, of course. A luge usually has two tracks, but it can have upwards of three or even four. For those who do not know, an ice luge is a block of ice that gets tracks or grooves cut into it. This is where shots come down the luge and into a shot glass, where the alcohol is chilled on the way down.

Ice luges are not always designed as tracks. Sometimes, they can take liquid of any kind and funnel it in other ways, such as a circular top. Other ice sculpture designers may put a spin on the classic luge. For example, they can freeze sliced fruit or other items into the ice to give it this alluring style.


A luge can have some carvings in it that fit the theme of the event. They could also be used as a standalone sort of decoration. These ice sculptures can be incredibly detailed and consist of some of the most amazing designwork. Though it melts, it will remain in the hearts of all the guests.

This large Ice Luge in Long Island NY an come in just about any shape or size. With some innovation and creativity, an ice luge can go from normal to extraordinary- and really shine a light on that special event.