Using Available Legal Options to Get Out of Jail Prior to Going to Court

Legal Services

After you have been arrested and booked into jail, you may wonder what comes next. Do you have to sit in jail until your next court date? How can you bail yourself out so you can go home?

When you appear in court for your arraignment, the judge in charge of your case should tell you how much your bail will be. By hiring an experienced bail bond lawyer in West Palm Beach, FL, you can put up the money you need for your release and also get the legal representation you need to beat the charges against you.

Putting Up the Bond Money

If you do not have the money needed to make bail, you could have a bondsman put up the cash for your bond. Typically, the amount of the bond is 10 percent of your bail. When you hire a bail bond lawyer in West Palm Beach, FL, you promise to show up in court so the bondsman does not have to pay the full bail amount for your absence.

Your lawyer can explain the terms of the bail contract to you before you sign it and are released from jail. You may be obligated to show up to court even for hearings for minor issues. Your lawyer cannot appear on your behalf but rather will be there with you for each appearance.

Legal Representation

Having a lawyer by your side can work to your advantage when you do not know how to make an argument in court. The attorney can present evidence, question witnesses, and object to claims made by the prosecutor. He or she also may have the charges against you dropped or argued down to a lesser offense.

You can hire an attorney to represent you before or after your arraignment. You can learn more about legal counsel and bail online.