Drain Pouches and 6 Other Features of Mastectomy Bras


After undergoing breast surgery of any kind, it is important that you choose a mastectomy bra with the proper features to provide you with reliable support and comfort. Amoena mastectomy bras are equipped with several specialized features such as surgical drain pouches, adjustable shoulder straps, and others.

Surgical drains are used to remove fluid from the surgical area. During the healing process after surgery, fluid builds up in the affected area that can cause discomfort or delay the healing process if not properly removed. Because of this, surgical drains are placed on either side of the breasts to remove the fluids and prevent issues.

Post-surgical bras include drain pouches to make this process easy and painless. The pockets on the bras are in the same spots the drains are normally located. Keeping them in the same place helps with comfort and provides a safe place for storage.

It is important that you keep the area around the drain clean so that bacteria cannot enter the body through the surgical drain. Keeping the area clean is easily done with drain pouches, because the drain is right against the body, away from potential contaminants.

The following are a few other special features of post-surgical bras that you should look for when shopping:

1. Comfortable Shoulder Straps

The width, adjustability, and material of your shoulder straps are important factors in maximizing the comfort of your mastectomy bra. It is important that the straps are designed to support the weight of your breast forms while avoiding putting too much stress on the shoulders.

Many Amoena mastectomy bras are designed with wide, padded straps to provide a soft, comfortable feel on the shoulders. These straps also feature an adjustable aspect to ensure they fit perfectly and keep your forms in place.

2. Built-In Pockets

All Amoena mastectomy bras are equipped with hidden pockets for your breast prosthesis. These pockets allow you to carry on with your everyday activities without worrying that your breast form is going to slip or slide out of place.

Using an ultra-thin fabric, these pockets are sewn-in on either side of the bra where the breasts sit, and they are perfectly configured to fit all kinds of breast forms and prostheses.

3. Wider Underband

The addition of the wide underband to post-surgical bras increases comfort and stability. These bras use a thick, soft, elastic material to make a supporting band around the chest. This band acts as a supporting layer to the breast forms, holding them comfortably in place.

Also, Amoena mastectomy bras typically feature an adjustable fastener at the back of the underband. This adjustable fastener includes one to four hooks to create an opportunity to loosen and tighten the bra. The ability to adjust the band provides versatility and comfort during the healing process.

4. Compression Technology

One of the biggest risks of reconstructive breast surgery is lymphedema. Lymphedema is a swelling that occurs due to damage to the lymph nodes. While this damage is not life-threatening, it can greatly slow the recovery process and can perpetuate any discomfort you experience.

Amoena mastectomy bras provide a compression technology that works by applying gentle pressure to the chest and armpits, which keeps lymph fluid flowing away from the surgical site. Keeping the fluid flowing away from the surgical site protects against lymphedema, making the bra especially helpful.

5. Front Closure

Although not all post-surgical bras feature this front closure technology, many are equipped with a zipper or hook-and-eye fastener in the front, rather than the back.

Having one of these items in the front improves support, makes dressing independently more simple, and creates easier access to wound dressings.

6. Soft Material

The skin at the surgical site is extremely sensitive after the operation. Because of this, mastectomy bras are crafted with an ultra-soft cotton elastane blend that provides a comfortable fit to the sensitive area. This material also allows breathability and temperature regulation that regular bras lack.

Regular bras, especially those with lace and beaded designs, are irritable to the skin and can cause more harm during the recovery period.
Opt for Amoena mastectomy bras made from this soft, delicate material; these are the best option for your healing skin.