Using a Cardiovascular Holter Monitor for Better Diagnostics


When it comes to heart health, getting the right diagnosis is key to ensuring proper care. The good news for people who are suffering from heart disease is that modern diagnostics medication and intervention can significantly improve a patient’s quality and duration of life.

Modern Heart Disease Diagnostics

There are a wide variety of diagnostics that are available for people with heart disease. One of the most popular is the use of a monitor holter. While the stress test can be great for heart disease diagnosis, often using a mobile testing device is the only way to detect an ongoing heart concern such as an irregular heartbeat. Heartbeat disorders and arrhythmia are best diagnosed by looking at data over a period of time versus a test that lasts a few minutes.

Personal Mobile Heart Diagnostics

Unlike a stress test or EKG, a monitor holter is vital to get an ongoing track of a person’s heart rhythm and find any irregularities. Since heart events do not always show up with in such short windows of time as noted in a stress test or EKG, using a mobile unit like a holter monitor offers the perfect opportunity for physicians to get a timeline of streamed data over a 24 hour period. This device has been vital in diagnosing and treating heart disease in millions of Americans.

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