Benefits of Vestibular Physical Therapy Services in Sun City AZ

Physical Therapy

There is a treatment used today designed to help individuals with the problem of dizziness, or sometimes referred to as vertigo. It is called Vestibular Physical Therapy. Patients that are suffering from conditions of dizziness may benefit from this treatment that is being offered from highly trained individuals using state-of-the-art equipment.

Vertigo Treatment

Due to problems associated with the vestibular system, physical therapy specialists provide Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT) to mitigate these problems. Part of the inner ear that helps maintain balance and the movement of the head is referred to as the vestibular system. Any problem with this system can cause a person to incur a feeling of dizziness or a sensation of back-and-forth movement.

Although certain types of medications and exercises have been used to address the problems of dizziness in patients, VRT has proven to be very effective treatment to help individuals with these inner ear issues. The treatment consists of an exercise-based program that is custom designed to reduce or completely remove the sensations of imbalance or dizziness, which can also lead to enhanced balance and ultimately a lower risk for falling.

Specialized Training and Care

If you’re going to seek physical therapy services in Sun City AZ, it’s important to contact a care provider that has the right knowledge and experience to offer specialized care for conditions of vertigo. These companies are able to use state-of-the-art equipment handled by specially trained individuals who can properly diagnose the causes of vertigo. Certain types of equipment offered can be used to determine the relationship between the dizziness experienced and how a person’s balance affects their dizziness.

A piece of equipment called video nystagmography goggles can be used to pinpoint the source of any dizziness you may be experiencing. An expert physical therapy service in combination with this and other pieces of equipment can help you find solutions to your dizziness and balance issues.

When you’re searching for a physical therapy service provider in Sun City, AZ, that can offer you solutions for your vertigo problem, be sure to consider one that can offer you vestibular physical therapy services. Dizziness issues can be addressed effectively by the treatment solutions provided by experienced practitioners that also have the technology on hand to address these problems.