Uses of Money Orders


Money orders can be obtained by paying with card or cash.  They are a paper document that has tracking numbers.  It is a convenient way to pay for items and used similarly to a check. Following, are a few ways money orders can be used.

Paying Bills

Money orders can be used to pay bills and rent. They work just like checks and can be cashed anywhere cashing services are available. Once filled out, you can mail the money orders or give the document personally.

Sending Money

Money orders are a secure way to send money to friend and relatives. Once the money is given to the facility, they will hand you the money order, and you can sign it over to whomever you wish.

International money orders work in the same way. You can send money internationally quickly and conveniently and pay for it using cash, card or even traveler’s check. They can also be used to make payments in a foreign country. The type must show “international money order” somewhere on the document for it to universally be considered valid.

Additional Information

Money orders do not usually have an expiration date. Although, sometimes a service fee is taken from the document amount if it has not been used for a certain amount of time. This often happens at the one year mark from the date of issue.

The amount of the money order is printed on order itself and on the stub. The stub can be retained for your files should you need it in the future.
Before you purchase an international money order to be used in another country, make sure they can be accepted in that country. Often, different countries have rules and regulations when dealing with the orders, and they must be met before they can be used.

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