The Sleek Volvo V60


The Volvo V60 sports wagon takes practicality and style to the next level. It has beautiful exterior and interior detail work and a powerful drive to get you to your destination safe and sound. This is a fun to drive vehicle that offers great handling while on the road.

V060 Style

The wagon silhouette that the V60 gives is sleek and smooth. The vehicle seats five with plenty of space left over. The ample leg room is great for families or for long drives. The interior cabin is peaceful and gives the driver and passengers a smooth driving experience during the drive and handles turns exceptionally well.

The sports wagon has plenty of exterior paint colors to choose from, all are available at your new Volvo dealer in Arlington Heights.

Vehicle Technology

The Volvo V60 possesses some high quality technological features. The front seating gives you power adjustable seating that seamlessly moves the car seats to your preferred position. The infotainment system is easy to use and offers you superior quality in audio and visual vehicle equipment. There is nothing lacking when it comes to the infotainment and navigation systems.

On the Road Performance

The standard 240 horsepower engine gives the driver powerful control while on the road. There are other upgraded engines available as well, and acceleration is no problem with any engine choice you decide on.

The gas mileage the V60 gives is great, fuel economy is 25 mpg for city driving and 36 mpg for the highway.

In addition to the great gas mileage, the wagon also handles sharp turns well and the quiet ride gives a sporty feel that cannot be experienced in other wagons of its class. It comes standard with front wheel drive, but you also have the choice to upgrading to an all-wheel drive system. Both options handle and drive exceptionally well.

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