Used SUVs Vs. Pickup Trucks


So, you need something bigger and safer than a standard passenger car. Before you limit your selections to pickup trucks only, consider some of the good things that used SUVs in Columbia SC have to offer. Here are some reasons to consider sport utility vehicles.

Pickup Trucks

If you need a good work vehicle, it’s hard to go wrong with a sturdy and dependable pickup truck. Perhaps you need to haul equipment to the job site. If so, you want something that can handle the load and has enough room for hauling. A truck is a better option than a sports utility vehicle.

Trucks can be used to haul a large variety of bulk materials. For example, you can pick up a load of gravel or haul roofing shingles. Maybe you need to bring in a lot of fill dirt to your property. Trucks are the perfect vehicles for the job.

Towing is another important consideration and trucks are rear wheel drive. This makes them suitable for towing trailers. Some trucks come with heavy-duty transmissions so towing is not only simple, it’s easier on the vehicle. However, many SUVs also come with towing packages.

Used SUVs in Columbia SC

Do you need something with the power and size of a truck but handles more like a car? An SUV is the best choice here. Sport utility vehicles come in many shapes and sizes. Some are large like trucks and others are cross-overs. A cross-over has more features like a car but still delivers more inside space and better handling than passenger cars.

Which to Buy?

If you need a work vehicle and a daily driver, consider a truck. If you have kids, you need more room than a car and want an affordable vehicle, consider used SUVs in Columbia SC. Your late-model used vehicle dealer can show you many selections.