How Do Criminal Lawyers in Oswego IL Help Someone Avoid a Conviction?


When a person is arrested, they’ll likely turn to the Criminal Lawyers in Oswego IL for help so they can try to avoid a conviction. While this isn’t always possible, the lawyer will do as much as possible to help their client avoid a conviction or to minimize the penalties the person will face. There are a few things the lawyer will do when they start working on the case.

Check to See if the Arrest Was Legal

Police officers need to follow proper procedures when they’re arresting a person. If they did not follow these procedures, the evidence that was obtained as a result may not be able to be used and the person may be able to avoid a conviction. The lawyer will look into everything that occurred just before, during, and just after the arrest to find out if procedures were followed.

Check to See if Evidence Was Legally Obtained

Evidence must be obtained carefully to be allowed in a trial. If the evidence was collected unlawfully, whether it shouldn’t have been collected or it was not handled properly during the collection or period in which it was stored, it may not be able to be used in court. If a lawyer can find a way to have the evidence suppressed, they might be able to show the prosecution does not have enough evidence for a conviction, which can lead to the charges being dismissed.

Check for Any Other Issues that Could Lead to a Dismissal

A lawyer can check to make sure the tests done on any evidence were done properly, check to make sure the charges the person is facing are applicable to their situation, and check to see if there are previous cases that are similar that might show the person shouldn’t be convicted of the crime. There is a lot of different factors that can go into creating a defense for the person, and a lawyer will check as many things as possible to help their client.

The Criminal Lawyers in Oswego IL will work hard to help their clients avoid a conviction if possible or try to minimize the penalties they’re facing. If you’ve been arrested, contact The Cosentino Law Firm LLC now so they can start working on your case.