How to Use your Programmable Thermostat

Air Conditioning

Many home owners have a programmable thermostat to control the Heat and Air Knoxville TN homes need. They can set it and not worry about it doing its job for optimal energy savings throughout the day. Here are five easy steps on how to use your programmable thermostat:


1. Set it and Forget it: Most home owners forget the whole point of having an Energy Star programmable thermostat is they are programmable. For them to work you have to allow them to run with their full set points which is what keeps your Heat and Air Knoxville, TN system running as effectively as possible. Just remember that they are designed to save you about 1 percent off your energy bill per degree of the setback temperature. This only works if you set it and forget it for 8-hour stretches during the day and then again while you are sleeping.

2. Leave it Alone: There is no point in having a programmable thermostat if you are going to be overriding the program all the time. Programmable thermostats do allow for manual adjustments but you really should leave it to do its things even on very hot or very cold days. Try to remember the more you tamper with the manual settings the less money you will save. Many people don’t realize that although they adjust it manually the adjustment can only last for the duration of the current set run time.

3. Use the right settings: Many people also don’t quite get the settings and use the wrong ones especially when away. When you are going to be away the proper setting is the hold/permanent/vacation setting. Make sure you set the temperature to suit the season and current temperatures aiming for several degrees higher or lower so you will benefit from optimum energy savings.

4. One Touch Only: Another bad habit many home owners have is to constantly crank the heating or cooling. This wastes tons of energy. If you do decide you require a manual change to the settings simply set it to the temperature you want ideally and let it go. Do not set it to an extreme heat or cold as this will not do anything to make your home adjust the temperature more quickly.

5. The right setback: The setback is the key and has to be set at least 7 to 15 degrees up or down from your normal comfort level to save energy.

Use your programmable thermostat properly to make an impact on the energy consumption most Heat and Air Knoxville TN home owners use each day.