Use a Grey Linen Table Cloth as Your Foundation

Table Napkins

It’s time to create a fantastic tablescape. You want every detail of this table to stand out and look elegant and sophisticated. You can easily do that with the help of the right color pattern. Start with a grey linen table cloth. Place this on your table and then imagine the various themes and ways that this piece and serve as a foundation for your look. You can make it very sleek and modern. Or you can dress it up to make it look shabby chic. There’s plenty of ways to make this a fantastic table using this simple linen.

How to Make Grey Work for You

Once you purchase a high-quality grey linen table cloth, you can begin to build your table upwards. Start with a defining centerpiece. Because the grey coloring is light and so neutral, you can choose a vibrant yellow or red here. You can also keep things a bit more mellow with a softer color. When it comes to place settings and other pieces for your table, consider the grey carefully. If you use white pieces, the grey will pop, as will the white colors. If you want the table cloth to have a less dominant role in the tablescape, choose bright colored pieces to add to your table. That’s important – you’ll want to ensure that the right color scheme comes through based on the pieces you choose to add.

A grey linen table cloth is just the starting point. From here, you’ll want to choose a color scheme that works well with the type of event you are hosting. It can be an elegant piece, one that really stands out and creates a sultry look. On the other hand, it can be more of a background color, blending in to allow for others to stand out.