Light Up Your Dock with Solar Powered Dock Lights

Landscape Lighting Designer

Is your dock hard to see at night? Maybe you are worried about someone having an accident because they can’t see well in the dark. You should consider adding more outdoor light and solar powered dock lights may be the perfect solution to your lighting problems. Here are some of the things they have to offer.

How Does Solar Dock Lighting Work?

Solar powered dock lights are self-contained units. You don’t have to tap into a source of power because the high-quality units have long-life lithium batteries that are recharged by the sun. Make sure to install them on the edge of the dock every few feet, depending on the length of the dock. During the day, as the sun shines, it recharges the batteries, and when the sun goes down, your lights come on automatically. You don’t need to worry about turning them on or off.


It can be a real pain if you install wired lights for your dock. You have to be very careful running wiring, and the wires have to be protected from moisture and the weather. This requires special wiring and a ground fault circuit. Installing a wired lighting system can be a lot of work and most people may want to hire an electrician. This adds to the cost.

With solar powered dock lights, you don’t have any wires to install. Just attach them to the dock with decking screws and your installation is complete. The high-quality units are completely water-resistant and have a life of at least 30,000 hours. Because the lights are LED powered you’ll enjoy many hours of light, as LED is more efficient than standard lighting.

Make sure to use a trusted source for your lighting, and you’ll get the best warranties and most affordable prices.