Understanding Why There are Weight Limits for a Contractor Dumpster in Kennesaw


You might be a little scared when it comes to predicting how much waste your project will create and which size contractor dumpster in Kennesaw you’ll need. Each dumpster rental company has various weight restrictions, and the sort of waste you have will have a big impact on how much you can fit in each size.

Safety is a Big Concern

Although dumpsters are incredibly strong and durable containers, the trucks that pick them up and transport them have restrictions. Because trash trucks can only securely carry and move a certain amount of weight, the amount of weight placed within a dumpster is limited.

Because of the hazards, some firms will not pick up concrete or exceptionally heavy garbage. In contrast, others may take heavy material with very strict guidelines, such as only filling the bin halfway. You’ll have to remove the trash before it can be carried away if you go over halfway or don’t follow their directions, and you may be charged twice.

Cost is Affected by Weight

Weight limitations are in place for various reasons, including safety and financial considerations. Because the goods dropped off at a landfill or recycling center are nearly usually billed by weight, it’s uncommon for a dumpster or even a contractor dumpster bag to have a flat rate. Even if they are the same size and are leased from the same service, one filled with concrete or soil will be more expensive than the contractor dumpster in Kennesaw filled with furniture and rubbish.