Two Factors to Consider Before Basement Finishing in Windsor, CT

Home Improvement

Many homeowners want to have basement finishing in Windsor, CT done at some point to can gain extra living space. Finished basements have traditionally been used by adults in the family for entertaining guests at a comfortable bar area. Kids and teenagers also appreciate having friends over in a more private area away from the rest of the household residents.

Including a Bathroom

There are several important factors to consider before beginning this project. For example, do the homeowners want a bathroom included? That’s often an appealing feature so that nobody has to traipse upstairs to use the facility. Since lower levels nearly always have plumbing installed, adding a bathroom during basement finishing in Windsor, CT usually is fairly simple for a qualified contractor.

Choosing a Floor Covering

Another consideration is the type of floor covering. Although some homeowners are wary about carpeting because of potential moisture issues, home improvement experts tend to recommend it. Carpeting is generally the least expensive option, and it adds a sense of warmth. The contractor may want to place a waterproof material as a moisture barrier on top of the concrete before installing carpet.

If the basement has had flooding issues except for rare, highly unusual circumstances, that problem should be resolved before having carpet installed. If the material ever does get soaked, the water can be removed with a wet-dry vacuum cleaner. Afterward, one of the residents can strategically place fans at high speed for quick drying. It’s a similar process as shampooing a carpet and drying it out.

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