Understanding the Basics and Importance of Commercial Fire Alarm Systems


Firefighters respond to more than 140,000 structure fires each year. For this reason, having a commercial fire alarm system is not an option. A commercial fire alarm system protects properties and lives.

In the United States, having a properly functioning fire alarm system is not just a good idea or an option. State, federal, or building codes dictate that each business must have a functioning system, and they must take steps to ensure that their system remains optional. Because of this, anyone who has the job of managing a property or who wants to open a business must understand the complexities surrounding fire alarm installation and maintenance.

They don’t need to become experts. However, they need to work with professionals who can help them install a quality fire alarm system that meets or exceeds building codes. To do this, commercial security companies need to understand their client’s current situation and at the same time understand the potential for improving the security of the business and its employees.

Fire protection is a lot more than fire detection. It is a comprehensive system designed to save lives, identify property damaging and life-threatening hazards, and alert people so they can take proper action. The system should include smoke detectors, CO2 detectors, horns, strobes, and more.

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