3 Less Common Reasons Why You May Need Roadside Assistance in Cadiz, KY

by | Mar 8, 2022 | Towing Service

You’ve had to seek roadside assistance in the past for situations like a flat tire or a failed battery. Did you know there are other reasons to seek help that may be less common? Here are a few examples of other ways this type of assistance can come in handy.

You’ve never been stuck in mud or a snowbank before. In either case, attempting to rev the engine and spin the wheels doesn’t provide the traction needed to free the vehicle. You will likely need a towing service to get you out of this type of situation.

The same is true if you end up with the car partially or all the way in a ditch. While it’s great that you were able to swerve and avoid the dog or wild animal that ran in front of the vehicle, now you have no way to get out. Assistance by a professional makes it possible to get the car back on the road, check for damage, and see what other type of help you may need.

Vandalism is also a reason to call for roadside assistance in Cadiz KY. A broken windshield, flattened or missing tires, and suspicious marks on the hood are signs that you won’t be driving the car anywhere. Once the police are done, have the car towed to a facility where it can be checked and the repairs can get underway.

Remember that roadside assistance can sometimes take care of the problem on site. At other times, it can get the car to a shop where the damage can be repaired. Never hesitate when an issue seems to be more than you can handle. Doing so keeps you safer and could prevent more unfortunate events.

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