Understanding Pricing for Custom Embroidery


If you’re new to purchasing custom embroidery, you may be confused as to how to determine the cost of company shirts. Embroidered custom items are priced a little differently than other items you might have purchased.

In general, the price for custom embroidered items is broken into two parts. The price for the shirt is usually broken out separately from the embroidery price. This is because you will have the option to choose from a variety of shirts by different manufacturers, in different fabrics and qualities.

The second part of the price is for the embroidery itself. There are two pricing methods. The first is through stitch count. This pricing method charges a certain price for a particular number of stitches on the embroidery machine. With this method, larger logos will cost more than smaller ones, because a larger logo will require more stitches. You will usually see this kind of pricing listed as $ per 1000 stitches. To determine what your company shirts embroidered with your logo will cost, you must first find out the number of stitches in your logo, then multiply this by the amount per 1000 stitches. You then add that amount to the cost of the shirt you’ve chosen for the final price.

The second method for pricing embroidery is flat fee. With this method, the embroidery company charges a flat fee to embroider your logo on your shirt, regardless of the stitch count of your logo. When this pricing is used, you simply add the cost of the shirt to the per shirt logo fee.

Your custom shirt company will often offer bulk pricing if you order a large enough quantity of shirts. Keep in mind, however, that this bulk pricing generally applies only to the price of the shirt, not to the price of the embroidery. Talk to your vendor to be certain you fully understand their pricing.