Making the Change From Wood Flooring to Carpets


You’ve had hardwood floors since you bought your home, and now you’re considering a change. Should you carpet the whole house or have the current ones sanded and refinished? We’re going to go over a few things you might not have thought about yet to help you decide.


It’s no question that hardwood will last longer than carpet. You can expect your wood floors to last indefinitely if cared for properly. Carpets on the other hand, have a limited shelf life and you can expect to replace it every five to seven years depending on your home environment. Children and pets can decrease the life expectancy of carpet just based on additional wear and tear.


There is a definite difference in hardwood versus carpet when it comes to cleaning. Food spills are easier to spot on hard wood as are drink spills. Food spills on carpet tend to brush into the weave making it more difficult to spot. Drink spills may be easy to spot, but getting the residual damp out of the carpet and padding can be virtually impossible. Homes with hardwood flooring need to be swept daily or every other day as debris has nowhere to go and will be tracked through the house. Carpet can be vacuumed weekly since it hides dirt and dust better and holds it in the fibers.

Health Concerns

In the past, hardwood floors were considered a better choice if you or a family member suffered from allergies or asthma. New practices in carpet manufacturing have removed most of the volatile organic compounds, known commonly as environmental hazards, which used to be a big concern. Carpets can also catch airborne allergens keeping them out of the air until vacuumed up.

If you’re looking to change the look of your house with carpet in Aurora, we hope these few things we’ve discussed will make the decision a bit easier.

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