Types of Gravel Stone and Common Uses


Gravel stone suppliers in Canaan, CT, have a variety to choose from. Both crushed stone and gravel are widely used in construction projects as binders. In many instances, they are used for cement or roads. Both residential and nonresidential projects use aggregates, along with binders. There are many common uses for gravel. Understanding the various types of gravel will help you select the right option.


This type is one of the most popular ones for several reasons. Stones are round and smooth and come in a wide variety of colors. It works great for loose-fill driveway construction or walking paths. Use it to create an attractive patio area. You may also see it used in schools, city parks and playgrounds, as well as other public areas as a surface material.

Crushed Stone

Many gravel stone suppliers in Canaan, CT, carry an abundant supply of clean crushed stone. Different sizes are suitable for various projects. In order to be technically considered gravel, sizes need to be about three-quarters of an inch or smaller. As an aggregate material, it is crushed, sometimes washed and then screened to ensure its small size. This process ensures the final product does not contain dust or residue. Most common uses include residential driveways, drainage systems, paths and walkways or in ready-mix concrete. It is also considered a suitable replacement for mulch in some areas.

Chipped Marble

White chipped marble is a favorite for those who want aesthetic appeal. They are commonly used in flower beds and gardens but are becoming more popular as a surface for walkways and paths.

Choosing the Right Type

Think about the type of project and the overall effect desired. Are aesthetics important? Do you need fill for a drainage system? Local gravel stone suppliers in Canaan, CT, can help you choose the right type for your project.

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