Types Of Condos For Sale In West Chelsea

by | Jun 8, 2021 | Real Estate

In most cases, condominiums will have various “grades” of places to live, from less luxurious to more so, depending on how much you can afford and what you are looking for. Most people consider West Chelsea condos for sale because they want luxury and beauty, and can typically be found whether you want a lower dwelling or somewhere higher, though the higher levels will usually offer more amenities and luxuries.

First Few Floors

The first few floors of any condo building usually house the lobby, concierge desk, security rooms, and any significant amenities, such as laundry rooms, fitness centers, spas, and the like. Therefore, there are usually no units on those floors that can be rented or purchased.

Garden Home

The garden home area of condo buildings is the lower expense option and will usually be one or two of the lower floors after all the amenity levels. You will get a relatively poor view from those areas, but they are less expensive and can still hold up to three bedrooms. If you want a condo but don’t want the extravagant price, this could be an option for you.

Lower Floor Condominiums

The lower-floor options will usually be from level 7 to 27 and will offer better views as you go higher. The lowest of these levels will be the least expensive in that set, and the price will likely rise as you continue upward. This is considered the mid-range regarding price, and you can usually find nice furnishings and appliances, as well as views and terraces.

Higher Floor Condominiums

The higher-floor condos for sale in West Chelsea will offer two to four floors of slightly better accommodations and views. These are considered the high-mid range in price and offer three bedrooms, den rooms, and office areas. They typically have up to three bathrooms, one being a master bathroom.


Penthouses will usually start on the highest floor of the condo building. Though, some will offer two floors of penthouses, one as regular and one as premier. These are considered to be in the high price range because you will get more living space, bigger terraces, and a panoramic view of the skyline. Rooms can range from one to three and usually offer office areas, bar and kitchen, media room, and master suites.

Condos for sale in West Chelsea range from garden-view options that are less expensive to premier penthouses that are more expensive. Visit Lantern House today to see more of what is offered with each option and to contact them, visit https://www.WEB.com/.

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