Ask the Dentist Office in Highland Park About Veneers


Are you getting tired of hiding your smile because your smile is not as attractive as you would like? If you have issues like malformations, large gaps between your teeth, stains or damage, you may be a good candidate for veneers. The Dentist Office Highland Park can examine your teeth and give you more information on veneers. Through this procedure, your smile can be perfected so you can feel confident in your smile and your appearance.

ped porcelain. They are adhered over your existing teeth so they are able to hide a wide variety of different cosmetic concerns. In the past, this procedure often caused damage to the teeth because the dentist had to remove some of the tooth tissue. Today’s veneers are much thinner so there is no need to invade the surface of your teeth at all.

To prepare your teeth for the procedure, the Dentist Office Highland Park will make sure they are clean. Clean and dry teeth are important for placing veneers so the adherent properly bonds the veneer to the teeth. The adherent used in this procedure is light-sensitive. When a special light is applied, the adherent immediately hardens and cures so the veneer becomes one with your tooth.

Each veneer is put in place carefully and then all are shaped. The dentist will work to make sure each of your veneers is cohesive and provide you with a naturally beautiful look. This process can take time, but it will help you to overcome your embarrassment about your smile.

To ensure your veneers stay looking their best, you will need to protect them during any contact sports. It is also best to avoid chewing on hard food or non-food items. This will help to protect your veneers from experiencing any damage.

To learn how veneers can dramatically improve your smile, visit North Suburban Dental of Highland Park or call on (847) 432-1111 and Schedule an appointment will allow you to learn if you are a good candidate for this procedure. Through veneers, you can have the beautiful smile you have always longed for. This will give you the full confidence to smile at the world again.