Types Of Breast Enhancement Options In Naperville IL

Surgeons and Clinics

If you’re considering breast enhancement in Naperville, IL, you’ve probably been thinking about it for years. Chances are, you’ve been doing a lot of research and may even have a surgeon in mind for the procedure. However, most women don’t realize that there are a variety of enhancements available to them, many of which can work together to get the best results. Understanding these options can help you make an informed decision.


For women who prefer fuller breasts or want proportionate breasts, augmentation can help. Usually, it is achieved by implants, though you can choose to move fat from one area of the body to the chest area to achieve the same look.


Some women dislike the fact that their breasts are starting to sag. No amount of exercise or special products can lift the breasts, which is why a breast lift enhancement could be helpful. During the process, extra skin and tissue are removed and sometimes the nipples are removed and replaced higher.


Naperville IL women with extremely large breasts may choose to reduce the size of their breasts to relieve physical pain from the shoulders and neck. However, reductions can also be done for cosmetic reasons, such as reducing your self-consciousness about your bust size.


Women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer may choose a mastectomy to reduce or stop the spread of cancer. This option will reconstruct the breasts using muscle and tissue, or implants.

Revising Implants

Women who have had augmentation may notice that the implants start to sag again or that something else isn’t right. They may choose to change their implants to replace them or remove them.

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