3 Myths About Varicose Veins Treatment in Chicago

Surgeons and Clinics

If you have been considering varicose veins treatment in Chicago and have been put off by stories of painful recoveries and complications, you may want to reconsider. There was a time when treatment for varicose veins was at the least uncomfortable but that has all changed. Read the myths here to learn more about varicose veins treatment in Chicago, you may like what you learn!

Myth # 1 You must have surgery to have varicose veins removed!

Surgery is not the only option anymore to treat these types of veins. There is a laser treatment that is FDA approved for the treatment of unsightly veins that is effective, painless and safe.

Myth # 2 They inject you with saline into the vein to collapse the vein!

Yes, there is a treatment option that depends on injections but it is not the only option! Remember, there is new laser treatment available that is painless.

Myth # 3 Lasers can burn you and fry your skin!

Ah, no! The laser treatments are done by a professional that is experienced and there is a very strict set of guidelines that are followed.

Myth # 4 I can’t afford to lay out of work for a week or more!

You do not have to miss any work at all. As a matter of fact, with the new treatment option you do not even need someone to drive you home. You can return to life as normal immediately following the treatment.

Myth # 5 My insurance does not cover cosmetic work!

If your veins are painful, bulging, causing discoloration around the skin, bleed or you have skin ulcers from it than your health insurance plan will cover the cost. It is not just for cosmetic purposes!

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