Types of Book Binding


It used to be that book binding was only for the professionals. Only books you found in the library or the bookstore was bound. Today, thanks to people’s creativity and the necessity to have different materials bound, binding is used in many schools, companies and churches. So how many ways can you use Book Binding? Wisconsin is fortunate to have companies that will put your materials together for you. If you can create the idea, it can be done.

Keep It Together!
Whether you work in an office, a manufacturing company, school, church or other charitable organization, you’ve no doubt got a lot of materials to distribute to your staff and your customers. Maybe it’s a product manual or a procedural instruction manual. You might be making a calendar or other promotional piece. If you want to keep them all together so they are functional yet nice looking, finding a bindery that will show you all your options is a really good idea.

When you’re faced with the decision of what type of binding to use, you should consider the number of pages you’ll have as well as what the function of the book or booklet is. For example, if the book you’re distributing is a manual of some sort, the user will probably want it to be able to lay flat. For that to happen, you have a few choices for binding: spiral wire, plastic spiral, wire-o or plastic comb. Your printing and production budget may help determine which of these you’ll use. Another option used for items like calendars is called tinning. In short, this method uses a metal strip that is crimped along the edge of the pages.

If you’re looking for options when it comes to the color of your binding, wire-o, plastic comb and spiral wire binding come in a variety of colors. Blacks, blues, reds, browns and whites are all pretty standard. More colors are available, so ask the binding professional you’re talking with.

Your cost will vary by project type, amount of pages, the quantity of products produced and the binding style you choose. Be sure to consider the functionality of your book or manual about all other considerations. If you produce a book that can’t be used easily for its intended purpose, you’ve wasted money, time and have missed your goal.

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