Helpful Tips To Use If You’re Considering An Oklahoma Adoption


Currently there are over one hundred thousand children in the United States who are eligible to be adopted. Sadly, about one third of these children will have to wait three or four years before they are adopted. There are also some children who spend most of their childhood with several different foster parents, but are never adopted. If you’ve been thinking about the possibility of adopting a child, there’s a few things that you should be aware that will make the adoption process easier.

One thing that you should know about adoption is that sometimes it can be quite expensive. If your adoption is done with the help of an attorney it will likely cost around twenty-five thousand dollars. If your adoption is done with the help of a non-profit organization, it will cost around fifteen thousand dollars. However, if you decide to adopt a child who is currently in a foster care program, you adoption fees will be much less. Also, many people believe that it’s less expensive to adopt a child from another country, but it’s not. In fact, in some situations it’s actually more expensive because you have to pay travel expenses, as well.

There are also many people who decide not to adopt because they feel that they aren’t eligible to adopt a child. Luckily, most people are eligible to have an Oklahoma Adoption. Keep in mind that in most situations a home study has to be completed before your Adoption can be approved. During the study you will have to discuss many personal things such as your medical history, finances, home life and criminal record with a social worker. You will likely have to provide the social with a few personal and professional references, too.

It’s also important to realize that it typically takes two to three years to finalize an adoption. For many couples who are desperate to have a family this can be a very overwhelming time. However, there are many adoption support groups that can provide moral support for your during this time. If you need help with an Oklahoma Adoption or you think that you may want to become a foster parent, you should contact Lilyfield Christian Adoption And Foster Care. They are happy to answer any questions that you have about the adoption process, as well.