Snake Food for Sale Online

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Finding Snake Food For Sale is easy to do online. It gives you a convenient way to buy in large quantities and also get healthy, flash frozen food.

Frozen vs. Live
Whether you’re a pet snake owner or a reptile breeder, frozen rats and mice make excellent feeder choices. While some people think feeding their snake live prey is better for them because that’s the way they eat in the wild, that is really not sound thinking. Living in captivity is not like living in the wild, and giving a snake in captivity live food is dangerous for them. Live prey will fight back. Being bitten or scratched by a rodent can be really dangerous for snakes. Frozen rats and mice are much safer for you and your pet. Getting used to eating food that was frozen is not usually a difficult thing.

Frozen Rats and Mice
Come on, who wants to deal with the hassle of buying and keeping live rats or mice so your snake can eat them? Really? Isn’t it much easier, not to mention safer for you and your snake, to buy frozen? Yes, it is. Frozen rats and mice are good for your snake. The flash freezing and vacuum packing make storing them in your freezer easy. The freezing also kills any parasites that were in the prey’s body, and that is better for your snake. Quality food will help ensure quality pets.

Size and Quantity
A good on-line retainer will have a variety of sizes and quantities available for you to buy. From the smallest pinky mice to the largest colossal, and in quantities only limited by the storage space in your freezer, this is an economical way to buy as well.

Finally, buying from a retailer who raises and kills prey humanly is extremely important. With live snake food for sale, you are responsible for killing the prey if you don’t want your snake being injured during feeding. Chances are, you cannot kill as humanly as a caring supplier will. The best retailers will euthanize with a gaseous carbon monoxide that is painless and quick.

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