Types of Book Bindery in Chicago

by | May 26, 2014 | Business

Bookbinding helps in assembling written or printed pages within covers. A bound book looks smarter and organized depending on the binding style that you choose to use. Normally, the cover is made to be thicker than the book to make sure it lasts even longer. If you are in need of book Bindery in Chicago, you can choose from the following most common binding methods.

Saddle stitch

It’s among the simplest soft binding technique. In this method, sheets of paper are folded then held together by staples which have been driven through the folds. It’s the cheapest among book bindery method and for this, it’s very common. It’s mostly used in binding: pamphlets, wall calendars, booklets and programs.

Perfect binding

In this method at book bindery in Chicago, the pages and covers of a book are normally stuck together at the spine using flexible but very strong glue. Clean and sharp edges are attained by trimming the open sides of the book. It is normally used to bind catalogs, manuals and thick brochures. Its professional look makes it popular to use in offices.

3-Ring binder

This method is used to join separate pages to look like a book without gluing them together. The spine and cover can also be printed upon directly. It’s common for using in sales, presentations, meetings and seminars. One advantage of using this method is that the pages are not permanent and can be added or removed with ease.

Spiral coil binding

It involves the insertion of a metal or plastic coil through small holes along the spine of the cover and pages. It is preferred by many because a book can open 360 degrees easily. This advantage makes it popular to use in reports, presentations, maintenance guides, cookbooks and directories.

Hard cover

The pages are sewn or glued together before the hard cover is put in place. The cover is normally made from thick but rigid paper board which can be covered with glossy coated paper or leather. This method is the most expensive and is used to bind textbooks and cookbooks, which are used quite frequently.

These are the most common book bindery in Chicago. For these and more, look no further than Binding Edge; they offer the best binding services in the market. For more information, click here www.bindingedge.com.

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