Keep Your Automobile Rolling With Transmission Repair Conroe


Living in and around the Conroe area often requires a lot of driving. For many people this includes driving into Houston for work or spending the weekends around lake Conroe. All of this driving means it’s important to take some time and properly care for the family car. This generally requires spending time at an experienced shop like Discount Brake & Auto. The automobile, like most of our mechanical inventions will wear down and break over time. These failures can happen when you least expect them which is why every small problem should be addressed as soon as possible. Life can get pretty expensive if the vehicle is always breaking down and you have to keep paying a wrecker to keep it from getting impounded.

One of the worst problems that can happen to any automobile is a transmission failure. Automatic transmissions can fail when they have been neglected such as operating it with too little fluid or they can fail when overburdened. When this failure is due to minor neglect it is time for a little Transmission Repair Conroe. In most cases the mechanic can fix the system with a simple transmission flush.

The common automatic transmission is a hydraulic based device that takes the horsepower and rpm from the engine and turns it into torque that the axle can use. It does this by using a special hydraulic fluid that helps the transmission shift it’s internal gears. In most cases this involves using internal clutches as well. When the fluid is low these clutches can slip and grind which leaves debris inside the transmission. The best repair in these cases, assuming the transmission isn’t badly damaged, is to have a technician clean the transmission, the internal filter and replace the fluid.

If you notice the transmission slipping or the car doesn’t shift gears properly it is time to take your vehicle in for Transmission Repair Conroe. The shop will need to diagnose the problem and will make their recommendation from that. If the transmission is in really bad shape they will suggest replacing it with a rebuilt version. For many cars this is the best option because factory rebuilt transmissions provide excellent service and are usually quicker to replace than attempting to rebuild one in the shop.