Two Tips for Painters in Chatham Before They Paint Your Home


If you areplanning to renovate your home or decide to move into a new place, surely you would like the walls in the interior and exterior of your house to look good and fresh!

It is widely advised that you get the interior of your house painted before you get your wooden or tile flooring done. This will save your flooring from any paint drop spillage. You may want to sit with painters in Chatham to help you decide the paint type, color, and final finish. You can choose any painting contractor such as Andrew Picone Painting & Paperhanging to help you with this task.

Priming the Walls is a Must

While many paints may come mixed with a primer, there are also some paints without it. Before painters in Chatham will buy paints for your house, they will carefully check the specifications. If you and the painters decide to buy a paint type that is not mixed with primer, it is necessary that before beginning the painting, the walls are primed to cover any old chips, cracks, holes, or any old stains. By priming the walls, the final top coat of paint will have flawless results.

Prepping the Rooms First

If painters in Chatham will be painting your furnished house, they would need to cover all the furniture in plastic sheets and set the furniture aside before starting to paint. This will help in saving your furniture from any paint spillage.