Two Reasons to Get an Umbrella Insurance Policy


Many people mistake an umbrella insurance policy as something only wealthy people can utilize. This assumption, however, isn’t true. An umbrella policy is designed to protect you from risk, adding liability protection above and beyond your homeowners insurance according to the limit chosen by you. Most policies cover you for as much as $1 million dollars, but a very wealthy client may choose a much higher amount. These policies also require that you maintain liability limits on your car or homeowners insurance policy.

Property Injury

An umbrella insurance policy is something you should absolutely get for yourself, especially if someone injures themselves on your property and decides to sue you. The liability insurance should cover the cost of any and all medical bills, as well as pay for your legal defense if the costs begin to go beyond the liability coverage of your traditional homeowners policy. The more you do to protect yourself from such a serious situation, the less likely you are to become caught up in a financially devastating situation.

Car Accidents

Perhaps you’re driving to work one morning and find yourself caught up in a serious car accident. As much as you would love for your car insurance to cover the problem, the other driver may suddenly decide to sue you for a large sum, and an umbrella insurance policy would protect you from financial troubles. This will cover the costs up to the policy limits after you find your car insurance maxed out, which can help you avoid a potentially devastating financial problem.

As with any type of insurance policy, you spend a little now to save yourself thousands later on. This specific policy is put in place to protect you from the financial difficulties your other insurance policies can’t cover. To start looking for a great policy, you can visit to speak with a qualified Dailey Tax & Insurance Inc. representative. You can also visit them on Facebook for regular updates.