When To Turn To A Family Law Lawyer

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A family law lawyer in Pottstown, PA is a legal professional that deals with legal matters between those who have a familial relationship. This lawyer can represent a wife, husband, children, the grandparents as well as guardians and partners in a domestic relationship. There are many issues that the lawyer can and does handle; these include divorce, prenuptial agreements, post nuptial agreements, child support and custody, etc. A family law lawyer in Pottstown, PA can also represent couples who wish to adopt or work towards determining paternity.

Among all the issues that a family law lawyer can become involved in, divorce is perhaps the most common. One spouse or the other will hire an attorney, this professional will attempt, on behalf of the client, an equitable division of marital property, settle all issues with child custody, work to determine the amount of child support that is to be paid and help detail visitation rights. In most cases both parties have their own lawyers and if the issues cannot settled between the parties the case will go in front of a judge who will eventually issue a final decision.

As noted, the most common call for a family law lawyer is when a relationship sours, this is not always the case by far; the same lawyer is also called upon during the good times. If a childless couple decides that they wish to adopt then they will need a family lawyer to help them with the process. There are a number of steps that must be taken to ensure that the adoption is legal. The laws vary by jurisdiction as well as the age of the child. Depending on where the adoption takes place the birth parents may retain some rights to the child while in other jurisdictions they the birth parents loose all their rights to the child.

A family law lawyer in Pottstown is also called for by people who are looking into the future. For example, the lawyer may be asked to assist in drawing up a prenuptial agreement that pre-decides how assets will be handled should a divorce ever occur. As marital circumstance change, the lawyer may also be asked to create a post nuptial agreement that states how child custody and visitation will be handled in the event of a divorce. In many cases the family law lawyer in Pottstown, PA is asked at this time to set up a trust fund for the children.

Family relationships are often dynamic and things change. There are many instances where having a family law lawyer in Pottstown, PA involved is necessary. If you need any help with reaching a settlement you are welcome to contact David T. Schnarrs, Attorney at Law. Click here for details.