3 Things Plumbers in Tucson Say You Should Never Flush


It would seem to be general knowledge that nothing except for human waste and toilet paper should be flushed down a toilet. However, people still tend to use the toilet as their own personal waste disposal system, though it cannot withstand anything other than the aforementioned. Here are the three things Plumbers say that you should never flush.

Don’t Flush Disposable or “Flushable” Wipes

These wipes are labeled as flushable, or disposable. However, they are too thick to be flushed. Just use them and throw them in the trash, or you may end up with a huge plumbers bill. These wipes clog toilets and even septic tanks. It sounds gross, but just discreetly dispose of them in the trash instead of the toilet. Although they seem to go down just fine, they may clog the system further down the line. If you saturate one of these wipes in water, you will notice that it doesn’t break up as toilet paper does.

Don’t Flush Tampons and/or Pads

Almost every professional establishment has a warning sign to avoid throwing these system cloggers down into the toilet. Extracting these feminine products is costly and time-consuming, with the help plumbers in Tucson area. They are a bugger to septic systems because they are meant to absorb and expand. Therefore, they do that in the system and leave you with a huge problem. Don’t flush them, dispose of them in the trash. The same goes for cotton swabs and balls because of the same issue.

Don’t Flush Anything with Grease, Oil or Fat

You shouldn’t flush anything food-related, but it has become more popular to dump your cooking grease and other small scraps down the toilet to save your garbage disposal and trash space. It helps to manage fridge odor and space, but do you want to switch that out for and expensive septic system repair? It goes in as liquid, but it will clog your pipe like a clogged artery once it hardens in your system.

Don’t flush anything made out of cotton, or fall into the lie of the “flushable” wipes. Don’t flush down anything food-related, period. Or else you could end up being visited by a few plumbers of Tucson. Keep your drains clear and keep your pocket fuller because of it.