Try Floating Prescription Sunglasses Today


Is it something of a tall order to get your hands on floating prescription sunglasses whose tech features, colors and silhouettes are ahead of trend yet right on time? It isn’t a tall order for Rheos Gear. Our whole game comes down to making some of the highest quality, most lightweight, prescription strength floating sunglasses on the market.

Excellence is Where We Begin

Our company name is the Greek word for river current, a metaphor for our commitment to constant motion, growth, strength, freedom and beauty. We wouldn’t settle for less-than-adequate floating prescription sunglasses. Why should you? That’s why we’re happy to work with your local eye doctor if you need RX, prescription or custom lenses.

You may also buy any Rheos Gear sunglasses and take them to your local eye doctor for detailed, specific customization.

What Makes Our Sunglasses Float

Our prescription sunglasses remain afloat owing to simple science. Our frames consist of TPX, a specialty material we mold into sunglasses that are 30 percent lighter than similar sunglasses made of polycarbonate. As a result, Rheos Gear sunglasses weigh less than the amount of water they displace, so they float.

Our sunglasses end the era of losing expensive sunglasses that sink into oblivion if your fishing charter boat or kayak swerves or tips. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a water scooter, a paddleboard or jet skis. If you happen to lose your Rheos Gear sunglasses while on the water, your sunglasses just keep floating until you come back around to collect them. Problem solved.

Despite how lightweight they are, our floating prescription sunglasses are highly durable. They more than stand up to any type of fast, furious fun you manage to get into while out on the water. Explore Rheos Gear today, where stylish wayfarers, square and round frames meet superior tech and sturdiness.