A Guide to Product Liability Lawsuits: See If You Have a Case

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When a person buys a product, they do so with the expectation that the product will be safe and work as intended. However, in some cases, product defects occur. When a product fails, it may cause serious injury to a user, and if the manufacturer is negligent, they may be held liable for those injuries. Those harmed by product defects should consult a personal injury lawyer in Fort Lauderdale to find out about their options.

Product Liability: What Is It?
Manufacturers are required to make and sell products that are safe for consumer use. When the legal standard of care isn’t provided, the product liability doctrine holds a manufacturer responsible. These defects may occur if a manufacturer makes mistakes or takes shortcuts during the production process, and these actions put people at a great risk of injury. Along with the creation of safe products, manufacturers must also attach warning labels to their products so that consumers know how to use them correctly. Without such a label, the manufacturer will be held liable in the event of an injury.

Case Types
A person may be injured by a defective product in several ways, as shown below.

Design defects: When the product’s design leads to injury because of the manufacturer’s failure to consider safety, the injured party has to prove the existence of a safer and more practical design that should have been used.

Manufacturer defects: If the manufacturer fails to follow protocol in production, a product defect may cause injury. Here, the victim must prove the breach of protocol.

Failure to provide warning: When companies don’t include warning labels with products that may cause injury with improper use, a failure to warn has occurred. Here, the victim would show the product itself as proof.

When injuries require medical attention, the expenses add up quickly. With the help of a personal injury lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, an injured person may be able to gain compensation for their accident-related expenses and economic losses. If you think you may have a product liability case, consult an injury attorney today.