The Truth Behind The Coaxial Video Cable


While the names of many cables escape the average video or cable user, there is one term sthat is more familiar. Unlike Cat 5e patch panels, Cat 5 Ethernet cable or Cat6 patch cables, more than techno geeks have heard and know the use of a coaxial video cable. It is truly one term many are familiar with. In fact, many residences have it in place and have used it for years.

What is a Coaxial Video Cable?

Coaxial cable is frequently called coax. The same term applies to coaxial video cable. The term coaxial is derived from one of its characteristics. The exterior (outer shield) and inner conductor have in common a geometric axis. The outer shield or conductor is characterized by copper braids and/or foil shields. It is sheathed in PVC while the inner conductor consists of a copper-clad steel or a pure copper centre. Engulfing it is insulating material that is non conductive and dielectric.

In the more expensive and higher quality brands, the construction of the wires will differ. The core of the interior wire may be copper or copper-steel in many varieties. In the higher end the core of the coaxial video cable will be comprised of silver-plated copper wiring. It therefore becomes important when choosing the right type of coaxial video cable, it is important to recognize that all are not created equal.

What they are for

As a part of our world, the common coaxial video cable has several uses. These include:

  • To connect TVs to cable providers
  • To connect TVs to providers of satellite television
  • To connect to high-speed Internet


They are connectors that play an important role in transmitting, above all video signals.

Selecting the Right Coaxial Video Cable

When it comes to finding the right coaxial video cable to serve your purposes, it is important to do your research. Are you more interested in the cost of the cable? Is quality of transmission more important? Do remember that while a cheap coax cable may perform the exact same task as a more expensive one, it is not necessarily the best for your needs? Go online and research the differences. Be aware that it is not merely an issue of cost but one of quality. If you do your due diligence, you will find the right coaxial video cable that suits your needs, delivers a quality picture and comes in at the right price. For more information, visit.

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