Creating a More Reliable Professional Environment with a Constant Voltage Source


In professional construction settings, there are niche applications that most of the public does not even realize exists. One of those processes is welding, in which heavy-duty materials such as steel are fused together.

Welding requires a constant voltage source to stabilize the arc used in the welding process. Having the proper source means that the system stabilizes that arc, keeping the current at an almost fixed proportion in relation to the wire feed rate.

Steady Output

A constant voltage source not only sources but also amplifies steady output voltage. It does this entirely independent from the input and load power line with some variations. These constant sources are also used to test products such as lighting products, transducers, meters, transformers, and more.

There are a wide array of voltage ranges. The frequency range also varies and the output waveform comes in sine waves. Depending on the model of voltage source, you can choose a variety of different purchase options that best fit your specific needs.

Weld More Confidently

Welding is a precise, potentially dangerous construction method. Providing some stability to the process is the entire reason behind these voltage sources. To create a better welding experience, these voltage sources are used to regulate current, especially for surfaces that are not flat. That might be something such as crossed wires where the resistance can vary greatly. These voltage sources are also great for shorter welds as well, less than a millisecond. For more information please visit Amp-Line Corp.